Dear Minnesota Medical Cannabis Patient,

We have important updates about Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis Program.

On May 24, 2024, Governor Tim Walz signed a bill introducing several changes to cannabis legislation that may affect you as a participant in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program.

Starting July 1, 2024:

Veterans: Veterans can now use a separate application to enroll in the Medical Cannabis Program without needing certification from a registered healthcare provider. A unique form for self-certifying qualifying conditions will be available on the Medical Cannabis Program website. Veterans can then complete the standard patient enrollment application.

Recertification: Patients will now need to recertify their qualifying medical condition and complete an online enrollment application every three years, instead of annually. Applications approved on or after July 1 will follow this new three-year cycle. Approvals made before July 1 will not be retroactively extended.

Qualifying Conditions: The definition of a qualifying medical condition has been expanded to include any condition recommended, approved, or authorized by a healthcare practitioner.

Caregivers: Registered caregivers will no longer need to undergo a background check.

Administrative Changes: The Office of Medical Cannabis will become a division within the Office of Cannabis Management, effective July 1. This change will not impact your status in the medical cannabis program, and there will be no disruption in your ability to purchase medical cannabis.

For more information on the medical cannabis program and additional legislative changes, please visit our Medical Cannabis website.

If you have further questions, please call 651-201-5598 (toll-free at 844-879-3381) or email