Apple Juice

Experience the serene vibes of Apple Juice, an Indica strain with a THC potency of 18% brought to you by Vireo. Boasting a lineage of Sour Apple x Triple Kush, this strain introduces a blend of Pinene, Myrcene, and Beta-caryophyllene, delivering sweet, woodsy earth with a subtle apple note in both aroma and taste.

Versatile and fitting for day or nighttime use, Apple Juice offers a well-rounded profile, providing calm body effects with a touch of cerebral elevation. Dive into the fruity essence of this strain, crafted to deliver a tranquil and euphoric cannabis encounter.

Delight in the tranquil allure of Apple Juice, a remarkable Indica strain crafted by Vireo. With a THC content of 18%, this strain emanates from a well-blended lineage— a fusion of Sour Apple and Triple Kush, resulting in a unique and captivating cannabis experience.

Apple Juice unfolds its character through a symphony of primary terpenes, including Pinene, Myrcene, and Beta-caryophyllene, delivering a delightful infusion of sweet, woodsy earth, and a subtle hint of apple in both scent and flavor.

Tailored for versatility, Apple Juice is well-suited for day or nighttime use, offering a harmonious balance of calm body effects coupled with gentle cerebral sensations. Embrace the essence of this strain, aptly named after its fruity flavor, as it beckons you into a world where tranquility and a touch of euphoria converge.

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